When September rolls around and your summer dirtbag dream job on the river/trail/road/lake/rock comes to a depressing end, and you have a few months to kill before your mountain/Southern Hemisphere job, what are you going to do??


Here’s an idea: come out to Portland and work a wine harvest at our winery.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: harvest here is hard. Fortunately, we dose everyone with a sizable amount of fun throughout the journey, which offsets the Type II fun and makes it all worthwhile.

What’s that? You’ve never worked in the beverage fermentation industry? Fear not. If you like to work hard, get dirty, cooperate with others, are great at listening and learning, and don’t mind working early or late, then you’ll be just fine.


Depending on how good you are, you will be doing some combination of the following duties:

-Cleaning and sanitizing equipment (we all will do a lot of this – get pumped!)
-Sorting, destemming and crushing (crushing it too)
-Inoculations and additions to fermations
-Fermentation monitoring (while dancing)
-Punchdowns and pumpovers
-Draining, hours of digging (results in killer abs), and pressing tanks
-Filling, racking, and topping barrels
-Juice racking, and wine movements
-Organizational activities (like dance-parties)
-Winery equipment operation
-Hours of forklift work


Before you email us, you should ask yourself - at the very minimum - these things:

-Can you lift 50lbs repeatedly and carry it wherever we tell you to? Let’s see those muscles.
-Will you work absurd hours and forget you have a life?  Your life here will be better anyways.
-Can you find reliable transportation to be at work on time?  You’ll probably not want to leave.
-Are you comfortable speaking and writing English? - This is a must, however we’re big fans of accents.



Fringe benefits include:

-More food than you can physically consume
-A team of real-estate specialists to help you find your ideal living situation in and around Portland (teepee, tent, double-wide, batch, bathtub, mansion, boat, house, boathouse, whatever floats your boat)
-On-site sharpie tattoo artist to help commemorate your awesome harvest
-Stumptown Coffee sponsorship
-Fermented grape beverage in can or bottle
-Entry into the Union Personhood for connections to future vintages near and far
-Likely September through October



If you are still reading this, think you can handle us and want to get crazy this harvest, then send us an email and give us at least three examples of why you think you would fit in with our lot. Please attach a resume (or CV if you’re not from around these parts).

Email: cheney@unionwinecompany.com

Call: 541 908 4032