It’s juicy. It’s in your face. It’s the freshest expression of our Pinot you can find and it gives us a peek into what the year’s harvest flavor profiles will bring.

Our Underwood Nouveau is a riff on a Beaujolais Nouveau. We created it to celebrate our first grape harvest of the year and introduce the true expression of our 2023 vintage. It’s fruit-forward, light, and fun, meaning we had a lot of fun making it, and you’ll have a lot of fun drinking it. Nouveau is known for being a fresh, fruity wine that celebrates the first pour of the season.

It's for sweater-wearing and fireplace sitting. Friday night gatherings that end with party hats and streamers. It's for bringing a bit of joy to the November grey. We created this wine for those moments.  #PINKIESDOWN


Tasting notesCherry, Plum, Currants


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